Hot Drinks Machines

No matter what your requirements are, Options Management have the hot drinks machine to suit your needs and location.

Whether you are a fast paced call centre where quality drinks are needed in an instant, a waiting room that wants to provide refreshing solutions or a café, we have a machine that will prove popular with users.

Have a look through our range of free standing and table top machines and when you see one that you fancy, don’t hesitate to contact the Options Management team

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Snack machines

Keeping your staff and customers happy is important, a snack and food machine will not only do this but also boost morale.

If you want to provide chocolate, crisps, sandwiches, canteen provided meals and many more options, we have a machine that will suit exactly what you need

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Water Coolers

Offering a refreshing source of water is an important service for any location and our range of water coolers and dispensers will not disappoint.

If you are after a basic machine or something with a little more character then we have exactly what you need as our machines can be adapted to fit almost any application.

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Our Vending Solutions

From compact hot and cold drinks vending to complete vending suites including food, snacks and confectionery, we offer the widest possible choice – using the most modern and reliable machines and the highest quality vending ingredients, delivered daily.

We are the fresh ideas in vending

Our systems will generate significant income, servicing an exciting range of quality snacks, meals and drinks. Do not be surprised, for example, to find both freshly prepared and frozen food and the best quality ingredients as standard. Providing 24 hour availability of an ever wider range of products, vending may be cash operated or nowadays increasingly, cashless. In addition Options Management are leading the introduction of automated recycling of used vending containers and litter in the workplace.